Manager Update 3_14_16

March 14, 2016. Ready to plant...but will wait a week.

March 14, 2016. Ready to plant…but will wait a week.

Spring Time Greetings!

This has probably been the easiest winter we have seen in quite some time. I keep reminding myself we could get a storm like we had in 1997 the first week of April that put us right back into the deep freeze, snow removal, power outage and all the wonderful things a severe Blizzard can bring. Or maybe not. Who knows? As you can see on the picture, the plots are quire dry. I probably could be planting wheat, and I heard some wheat did go in last weekend. We have a few days of normal weather coming, a little rain and maybe some snow but if the forecast holds, very little moisture. At the present time, we are fine with moisture, but as always we could be begging for rain with a month of dry weather.

Our new plot design should be pretty easy to plant. We will be using the Amity drill they built for us several years ago. We had not used it since the drill needs to go fast, around 8mph. Our small plots just did not allow that kind of speed. Our main wheat plot will be 20 acres this year, about 3/8 mile long so we can finally utilize this drill and put most of the nitrogen down at planting. This will save time over streaming on nitrogen and having the fertilizer in the soil should be more efficient.

The wheat ground will then give us the opportunity for cover crops this fall. This will be our focus for field day which we plan on having some time in October. We will keep you posted.

Thing we will be especially focused on cover crops this year. NDSU is planning on having some trials on the farm as well as our own demonstrations. We look forward to a new direction on promoting soil and water conservation.


Kelly Cooper

CCSP Farm Manager

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