Manager Update June 16, 2015

Sulfur Def Corn (Medium)



Beans in Rye (Medium)



Another last minute experiment at CCSP. I noticed the yellow looking corn, as everyone has, and read Dr. Franzen’s article about sulfur deficiency, so last evening I dug through the shop and found enough plumbing to rig the 4 wheeler sprayer up to put on some spray grade AMS. This is probably not what you would want to do on any large scale, because the published solubility of AMS is rather low. What I came up with was an application of 160 gallons per acre to put on 20lbs of S. I found some drop tubes and going on 60 inch centers to make the 20 inch nozzle spacing work did a nice job. It has been raining ever since I did the application this morning. This should certainly incorporate the AMS. We will see if we get any response.

Meanwhile the soybean are doing well in the rye. It is interesting how fast the rye collapses after the Round up application, even when headed out. I am happy with the beans. Some of the corn not so much. Just too much rain in a short time.

Kelly Cooper

Farm Manager

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