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It started out so nice this spring, yes, it was scary dry. But conditions for planting were perfect. Nice subsoil, no snow and then it really seemed like it was back to the 80s. Every rain forecast fizzled into minor little showers that in some cases never hit the ground. Then, all of a sudden around the 10th of May we had over 3 inches. And then there were the miniature winters where temps plunged back to winter time temperature. Yes, it snowed in May!! I delayed planting because first of all, I wanted to get this Redball fertilizer monitor put on the corn planter that had been sitting in the box for more years then I care to remember, and second I was afraid of cold temps with it being so dry. Well, I should have planted first and then put on the Redball unit. The corn did not make it on the low ground. I have heard of similar problems around the country.

We just got done with the beans yesterday. It’s always hard to believe how a couple warm days can straighten things out. I was able to plant everything. One low spot was really muddy, but the planter kept planting.

So, a brief rundown. Winter Wheat is good and not so good. Winter kill was an issue this year. You never know if was during the winter or spring, but after talking with the Meridian seeds people, I think I know what happened. This winter brought very little snow on top of relatively moist ground. Then there were multiple thawing events. I think this ended up ponding the water, or at least making an oxygen barrier, and that’s what killed the wheat. We have some really nice wheat on flax ground, and adequate stands on soybean ground. The worst in on heavy residue, and low spots.

Spring wheat, here again some good, some not so good. I am blaming myself on this. I should have planted a little deeper. We had good moisture, but even with the low disturbance of the drill, the seed trench dries out a little bit after planting. Where the residue was a little heavier, that’s where the problems are. Never trust a forecast for rain when in a drought.

Corn, some plots are good, but the moisture and cool temps took their tolls. Today I noticed yellowing on the hills. I suppose the nitrogen has moved down and the ammonia has not converted yet. The alfalfa ground looks good and consistently green.

Speaking of Alfalfa, that is looking great, slow but great.

Soybeans are coming up nicely. Just finished rolling them yesterday. It always bothers me rolling beans that are up, but I have never done significant damage. It really was fun planting into the green rye. Glad I did not kill it out early when it was dry!! click for video PlantingintoRye

2015 Soy in Rye


Field day is July 9th, 2015. Start time is 4:00. It is always a fun day so hope you can attend!

Kelly Cooper

Farm Manager

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